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High Sensitivity doesn’t automatically make you a good person

HSPs are not automatically good people

Yesterday, I talked to a longtime friend of mine about a situation where I was being insulted and threatened by a former friend. To the point that I was thinking about going to the police. In response to that harsh energy, I became very angry and wanted to text mean things back.   As I thanked him for being there in that situation and calming me, plus writing a diplomatic answer to those insults (which btw deescalated the entire situation),…

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Online Business – What’s going on there?

Online Business - What's going on there?

Hi Guys, just a quick vlog Video update on where I am standing with my Online Business ideas. If you speak German and don’t understand me, just text me and I’ll tell you all my secrets 😉 Hugs and Love! xo To contact me, please visit or text me via Facebook. People mentioned in the video: Ashley Paquin – my life coach. Tell her I said hi! Joanna Lindenbaum – seems like a great business coach and looking forward…

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Out of sight, out of mind?

Schnee-Blick aus dem Zug

I wanted to celebrate my birthday next week in Munich With friends that live close by But my closest friends are not in the same postal code Or even in the same country And the ones that are canceled So I called off the party And will go to the spa instead Get a massage With sparkling champagne They ask me Aren’t you lonely Here in Munich Not many friends you can physically see after work Well You can be…

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I do not wish to swipe right (anymore).

I do not wish to swipe right

I do not wish to swipe right and have emotionless mind blowing sex and never see you again. I do not wish to get black coffee in the morning, accompanied by a kiss with the breath of the last cigarette on his teeth. I may have enjoyed this for some time, exploring different modules of sexuality. But now I want to enjoy the deep pleasure of a soul connection and slow tantra. I do not wish to be told, you…

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#FindingVoice : What does finding Voice mean for YOU? [Column] EN

#FindingVoice Column Purple Destination Teil 1

Announced for a while, finally here: The English part of my new column #FindingVoice on the Blog. What do I mean with that and what is it I’m writing about here? Finding Voice, what does that mean anyway? That’s what I’ve asked several women. Here are three of the answers:   Aleks from Magical Life of Aleks Being honest to myself and listening what my heart whispers. The more Iisten to this inner voice and implement her in my daily…

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I’m ready to go home.

the journey - Purple Destination Blog

I’m ready to go home.   On one hand, I am sad to leave after only 4,5 months, and having been to only a couple of places. Returning to a -5 degrees cold Germany. Returning to german unfriendliness. On the other – the inner journey is also a deep, long journey. And mine was quite intense. I will come back soon, with less luggage, more knowledge and wisdom, and my beloved man on my side. I am happy to have…

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Not your mamas „Bye 2015, hello 2016“ post…


This post was originally posted on Instagram, but I decided it makes quite a good Blogpost as well. Also, it is my first time posting something English on my Blog. The beginning of bilingual Purple Destination, yeah! Not your mamas „Bye 2015, hello 2016“ post… My intention is to challenge you to hug and kiss 2015 goodbye with gratitude, no matter what may have happened. Every minute is a new chance to change your mindset. 2015 is coming to an…

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