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A homage to two close friends, which are also lunar Scorpios. 


I am a Scorpio moon. This means that when I was born, the moon was standing in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpios already have a bad reputation, and the moon sign amplifies the traits. So if you’re fascinated by Scorpio suns, you might find that a Scorpio moon is even more magnificent. I absolutely love my lunar Scorpio traits, so my experience is obviously biased ?

My lunar Scorpio makes me .. INTENSE. And not everyone can handle this intensity. I keep saying intense as it is a presence and an energy which is hard to put in words. It’s our minds penetrating through other people. 

I’d rather be too intense for some peoples taste though than a person who has no impact and is just passing by in her life. 

My moon sign gives me an unconsciously seductive aura. Not always, but often enough … I notice this in my everyday life. People are attracted to me. Drawn to me. Scorpio moons have a magnificent vibration that pulls people towards them. People are fascinated by the depth of us. They hold eye contact because I do. I am interested in my environment and the people in it so I look at them. I do not stare, as a former friend tried to convince to me, I see deeper levels, energetic levels, observing with that Scorpio intensity that people have problems understanding. It’s our intuition picking up on you. We can see right through people without a word being said. This is a natural trait, we were born with it unlike others who have trained this ability. We feel everything. All the feels. 
We are not scary people. We are not dark people. Most of us are actually very light, and light-looking. There is no reason to be scared of us … oh right, except our strong minds. Scorpios a fixed sign y’all. So if you can’t handle that … better to stay away. 

Scorpio moons are not bad persons, nor are they born narcissists or manipulative. We are not jealous either, we just see through the bullshit, the insecurities, the looking elsewhere for love. 

We are actually very sensitive and caring personalities. We may seem manipulative because we see through it all. It’s hard to lie to a Scorpio moon. So you better don’t. We may act like we believe you, like you are telling the truth – and if you are a very convincing liar or believe your own lies, we might even believe you to some point – but on an unconscious, energetic level we always know what’s going on. Therefore we are never 100% surprised when things show up other than they seem to be. There is this thought that comes up for a glimpse of time, short and unconscious enough to forget about it. 

One could say Scorpios are empaths, and it’s true that most people with Scorpio in their signs I know are empaths. 

But there’s more to it than this entire „Hi I’m an empath“ Trend to it. I don’t like the term psychic as it is so negatively connoted but in many cases it fits and describes the gifts combined with the longing for spiritual connection and growth. 

Scorpio in your lunar sign makes you smart. 

You have an obsessive amount of mental strength that mere morals can’t understand. And most of the times, this strength isn’t just given to you for no reason. 

We have an extraordinary memory and remember every single word of a conversation if we need to. Yes, really. There’s proof. I wish this would apply to school as well though – Guess there has to be some sort of interest in the conversation. 

Scorpios, especially Scorpio moons, are some of my closest friends. We just „get“ each other. And in all cases, we dive deep in a matter of days. We don’t mind talking about our childhood traumas on a second date as we hate smalltalk. God, I effing love you guys. 
To us spiritual gangsters. 

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