High Sensitivity doesn’t automatically make you a good person

HSPs are not automatically good people
Yesterday, I talked to a longtime friend of mine about a situation where I was being insulted and threatened by a former friend. To the point that I was thinking about going to the police. In response to that harsh energy, I became very angry and wanted to text mean things back.
As I thanked him for being there in that situation and calming me, plus writing a diplomatic answer to those insults (which btw deescalated the entire situation), he laughed at me saying: „And you call yourself an Empath / HSP? Your aggressive behavior doesn’t show it.“
(If you’re reading this, I still like and deeply appreciate you, even though that hurt me)
I’m not going to pretend HSP (highly sensitive person) makes me a nice person!
I wreck all kinds of relationships with people. The reason is because I’m too deep. Can’t accept a friendship that’s shallow. Lost lots of people in my life that way. Think too much. And of course too sensitive. When things don’t go your way you become angry or run away from it. The perceptive HSP who cares about others can become a monster.
But to be fair, I don’t see a lot of friendships other people have as well. It is rare and hard to have 1 or 2 intimate, very close friends, non-HSPs have the same troubles for other reasons. Also, most people HSPs tend to be attracted to are self-centered narcissists who just don’t care about you in the end.
I like being sensitive but probably would have been better without it. On the other hand, a highly sensitive person is nice to be with when he feels relaxed and secure. He will do everything he can not to hurt your feelings.
Are you highly sensitive? How has it impacted your life, good and bad?
Let me know in the comments below :)
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