I do not wish to swipe right (anymore).

I do not wish to swipe right

I do not wish to swipe right and have emotionless mind blowing sex and never see you again.

I do not wish to get black coffee in the morning, accompanied by a kiss with the breath of the last cigarette on his teeth.

I may have enjoyed this for some time, exploring different modules of sexuality. But now I want to enjoy the deep pleasure of a soul connection and slow tantra.

I do not wish to be told, you would make a good porn star, because this is not a compliment for me. Porn destroys all intimacy, it is just ego.

I long for joyful Chai Latte kisses over breakfast with my sweetheart.

I do not wish to receive a handful of booty calls when I sleepily check my phone in the mornings.

It may have been complimenting for some time, but now I wish to walk a section of my path alone.

To jump into my bed with no one but my bubbly old soul and to love myself boldly like I mean it.

I am not waiting for the next prince on his white horse or Ferrari to stay in this century.

My soul wishes to enjoy the experience of having no one to focus on but me. I am not here to play small.

Some day I might stumble upon a soul mate or my twin flame and I will see our karmic connection in your fiery eyes.

I might change my mind again and decide to have sex like a mad woman and that’s perfectly fine too. Female energy is constantly changing.

I refuse to let you between my legs if you do not plan to honor, respect and love me like you mean it.

Thank you, for the lessons I have learned.

I am moving on and wish to dance until the light of la Luna fades and reminds me to walk home.

I invite my goddess sisters to join me into diving deep into self love. Shine your fucking light.


Namaste bitches! 😉

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    17. September 2016 at 06:45

    Thank you! Ive been feeling the exact same lately. The universe has given me all the obstacles required for me to wake up to my need for deep self love. I made the same decision and I literally felt my body sigh with relief haha. You have described it perfectly girl. xo

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      17. September 2016 at 13:14

      Good for you! Thank you so much for your comment Darling xo

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