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Announced for a while, finally here: The English part of my new column #FindingVoice on the Blog.

What do I mean with that and what is it I’m writing about here? Finding Voice, what does that mean anyway?

That’s what I’ve asked several women. Here are three of the answers:


Aleks from Magical Life of Aleks

#FindingVoice Column Purple Destination AleksBeing honest to myself and listening what my heart whispers.

The more Iisten to this inner voice and implement her in my daily life, which means being brave and jumping out of my comfort zone, the clearer I here this voice and know that I can rely on it.

Trusting is much more powerful than trying to control something or someone. Also there are so many people on this world that do not have the privilege to use there voice and therefore we have all the more responsibility to do that for us and them! :)
Only the brave can make a (positive) difference.

Mantra: „I trust myself and the universe.“


Annika Bieling-Bußmann, Freelance Photographer & Creator of Pur Women

#FindingVoice Column Annika„Finding our voice“ gives people two spontaneous impulses:  Using our voice as a language tool again after a cold, and finding our voice as Branding/Messaging through our individualism.

One does not work without the other, body and mind are connected, without any spiritual or esoteric thoughts. If we do not feel comfortable in our own skin or have low self-esteem, our body language / posture shows that we do not stand behind what we are saying, no matter how much you want to fake it.

Why is it so hard for us to find our voice? Did you ever stand in a room full of people whom you find interessting, have a dozen of thoughts going through your mind, and then when the moment is there where you can share all your knowledge, your feelings or your message, you either have verbal diarrhea or you blush like a tomato and sink deeper and deeper into the hole in front of you?

You think you’re the only one?
No, that happens every second and every minute – it happens to a doctor, a yoga teacher, a mother, a student it just happens everywhere and everyone.
Do you feel like others have more sucess and that their voice and message spreads more and faster?

What do we associate with NOT finding our voice?
It makes us feel like we’re not a part of something and a sneaky feeling of envy, being lost and frustration comes up.
Media, Social Media and your enviroment seem to always be in flow and your wish to reach just that seems to be unreachable.

STOP. RIGHT HERE with thinking and letting yourself feel insecure. YOU HAVE A VOICE and your VOICE is heard. Our life is unique and everyone has a story and a message that speaks to many. Just like our voice our life has ups and downs which means sometimes we need to take crossroads to find our voice and community.

Finding our voice means finding our community, processing our feelings and thoughts, finding ourselfes – our inner balance and finding something that your fellow men understand and recognize themselfes.

But most of all, BE YOURSELF. You are special – you have a gift and you can decide who and where your voice will be heard.
Find your tribe and everything will come together, at the right time and place.


Yeliz Pia – Empath, Hair & Makeup Artist


#StimmeFinden Kolumne YelizFor me finding voice means living my own truth and speaking it out with the knowledge, that I am always loved and always have been.

Finding my voice most of all means accepting who I am in this life and accepting myself with all my light and shadow sides.

I believe that our voice is a powerful tool with whom we can uplift but also tear down, which is why we do not only need to find it but also use it wisely.

I have truly found my voice as I understood how unconditionally God loves me, how precious I am and that nothing will ever change that. So what else could I do than use my voice to tell others that how bad they might feel and whatever happens, they are loved more than anything …


And for me?

Lea Satya, Author of Purple Destination (just kiddin’)


#StimmeFinden Kolumne Lea SatyaFor me, finding voice is a powerful process, and probably even a life’s work. I think here there is no such state as „all figured out“.

Again and again I am being challenged to live my most authentic self in different situations, and to advocate for myself and my needs.
The voice is strongly connected to our self-worth and our belief systems. If we believe that we are uninteressting and literally have „nothing to say“, our voice is blocked. We stammer a few insecure sounds, let us be kept down through people and situations which we do not want. But we are afraid to open our mouths and defend ourselfes.

What defines a woman that, in my eyes, has found her voice?

She knows what she is worth, where her talents and weaknesses lie.
She communicates her wishes, needs and fears clearly and unmistakebly, no matter if in job matters, a friendship or relationship.
Her body language and pronounciation mirror her words.
She trusts her intuition and inner voice.

I want to share my experiences to encourage other women to go on a journey of digging free their true voice and creating the life they truly desire.

From now on, I will present different tools and my experiences with them under the column hashtag #FindingVoice.

Have a great week!


Shine bright,

Lea Satya

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